Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to our Happy Hippie Life!!

Hello hippies in hiding,

If you're anything like us, you haven't always marched to the beat of a vegan drum.

We both have grown up quite comfortably in the Bible belt where veggies are almost unrecognizable due to their deep-fried nature, and the closest you'll come to living the "green life" is playing nine holes on Sunday afternoon at your neighborhood country club.  

Recently (Thank God!) we've stumbled upon this new and invigorating life style that quite frankly we can't get enough of!

We live in a college town, which can be an unfriendly environment for those who want clear skin, tame allergies, a healthy body, and a centered and focused mind. But we've found by implementing certain changes, little by little, you can achieve huge success.

It sounds intimidating to change your eating habits from mindlessly eating junk to finally viewing your body as the temple that God intended for it to be.

Instead of trashing our bodies, why not find out how they best function? After all, our bodies are designed as perfect machines and are self-sufficient and fully capable.

Shouldn't we treat our bodies with the same respect as the homes we live in?

Our homes require constant maintance and up-keep, just as our bodies do. If we fail to take proper care of these things, both are bound to deteriorate (and we dont just mean aesthetically!).

Combining ideas from the books, blogs and documentaries we've come to adore, we embark on the road less traveled and more subject to scrutiny. 

We realize it's not always practical, easy or financially feasible to live a completely green lifestyle. 

We also realize that we aren't really hippies... So we are willing to meet in the middle, because as broke-ass college students, we say if we can do it, anyone can! 

So this is our effort to make the transition from processed "perfection" to glowing greens easier and more convenient for you. 

We'd like this to be your one-stop-shop for recipes, tips, encouragements, and more for your new and improved holistic and fabulous lifestyle!

We believe it is possible to change the way you look and feel, but this change must start on the inside before it can be seen on the outside!

So join us on our journey and help us trick the rest of the world into leaving less of a mark and making more of a difference!